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Starcraft II

They’ve finally announced a street date for Starcraft II. It’s kind of amazing, after all these years, to have the game finally almost on our doorstep. Or at least I hope it’s amazing for Starcraft fans. I never really got into the series, but I appreciate the excitement and mythos surrounding it.

I get a funny feeling when I look back at games where I’ve been aware of their whole release process. Hearing the first whispers, getting the game announcement, seeing the teaser art, watching for news, building up hype, seeing the ads everywhere, release day…then the slow decline into obscurity, being just another game on the shelf. The first game I think of is Kingdom Hearts II. A sequel four years in the making, which was teased quite effectively with the secret videos at the end of the first game. I followed the rumors and news about Kingdom Hearts II, then played the heck out of it when it came out…and now it’s just another game on the shelf. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that moment, the day before the game released, when everything about it was excitement and wonder.

So, godspeed, Starcraft II fans. This is the best time for the game, when it’s all anticipation, and you’re counting the days. In six months, you’re going to take its existence for granted.

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