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3DS vs. 3D TV

I’m getting kind of tired of the press bringing up the Nintendo 3DS every time 3D stereoscopic gaming is mentioned. Yes, they could make a glasses-free 3D TV…and it would work for only one person, and only from a certain location in the room. The 3DS only works because it cooperates with how you use a handheld – generally it’s a solo experience, and you hold it a consistent distance from your eyes. The technology of the 3DS would not make a good home entertainment system, and it’s really unfair to keep bringing it up in 3D TV articles. If you hate 3D TV, just say so, but don’t mark it down because it doesn’t stack up to fantasy magical fairy TV.

  1. November 13, 2010 at 8:10 pm

    Same deal with red/blue 3D glasses. It’s a nice technology that is completely unrelated to modern 3D TV.

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