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Steam Holiday Sale

Time for the Steam Holiday Sale again…that time of year where I load up on a pile of games that I should play ‘someday.’ Super Meat Boy is today’s winner…I’d prefer to play on a console, but for 75% off, it’s time to grab the game.

It’s funny, the difference in price and value between games. I can pick up a modern game for $60, or both Deus Ex games for $3. I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to be a stingy gamer. Heck, if I pick up  twenty games and only really play two or three, I’m still doing pretty well compared to buying a new modern game.

I really need to rig up a wireless controller to the media center and streamline things a bit so I can easily play Steam from the couch. I just don’t like sitting at my computer and playing games these days…”Sitting in front of the computer and starting at the monitor” = Work Time.

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