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Recent Games

I’ve been wanting to update, but haven’t had anything significant to say about the games I’m playing. They’re all good, though. Let me run down those.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

As far as arcade racers go, this one is great. Magnificent sense of speed and power. I’m feeling a little limited, though – a lot of the game is based around its “Autolog” social system, but none of my friends have purchased it. As a single-player game, it’s somewhat bland – you have to do the races the game has available, and there are way too few of the awesome, combat-heavy Hot Pursuit and Interceptor missions, and way too many Preview and Time Trial events. Those events are just basic “Get to the finish line in X amount of time” races, and they’re definitely the weakest part of the career mode. Right now I’m just grinding to unlock new cars, and grinding is never how you want people to describe your gameplay.

LittleBigPlanet 2

It’s tremendous what they’ve done with LBP2. Sometimes I have difficulty getting into it – knowing how it works can remove some of the magic. It’s one thing to fight a giant mech in a game, and figure out that it shoots three times, charges its laser, then exposes its weak point. Somehow it’s different in LBP, when I know that the enemy isn’t really an enemy, but a collection of parts following simple instructions, and it’s just doing that attack pattern with no intelligence. It’s the same gameplay, though, so I’m trying to focus on that. The story mode is really good, and it actually makes sense and has a story (although I’m still not sure why we needed Huge Spaceship, it seems to exist only to blow up).

Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do for my first level. The blank canvas is intimidating!

EA Sports Active 2

I just started a workout with this, but I’m hoping it will stick with me.

Wii Fit was way too slow, too balance-oriented, too childish. The individual activities were interesting, but I didn’t feel like I could get a workout that way, especially when it takes almost as long as the exercise itself to get started, get your score, listen to your trainer, etc. When I’m working out, I want to just get hit by one thing after another, no time to rest.

I got that with My Fitness Coach, and worked out with that for a while. I fell out of practice, though…and I think it’s because of the lack of progression. My Fitness Coach didn’t feel like it was keeping track of me, or working me toward a goal, or anything. I would fire it up, do a workout, turn it off, and not feel like I was really accomplishing anything. It didn’t help that the game literally wasn’t tracking me at all; I could start a workout and leave, and it wouldn’t know the difference.

EA Sports Active 2 seems like a good mix, with the clean interface and 1:1 tracking of Wii Fit, combined with the intense workouts of My Fitness Coach, and then adding some training programs and online functionality on top of that. I’m just starting a 9-week course…let’s see how it goes!

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