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Heroes of Neverwinter

Heroes of Neverwinter is decent. It’s a minimal implementation of the 4th Edition D&D rules, but at least the system is recognizable, and there’s some strategy to the gameplay and choices to make when gaining levels that should help the game remain enjoyable.

I also recognize that this game is fresh and new, and a lot could be added to it. The ability to take the Total Defense action came to mind for several rounds where my Fighter couldn’t do much. Maybe they could implement an ‘Advanced’ mode for experienced D&D players, because I’m really itching to play something with a true 4E ruleset.

I just hope it doesn’t go totally mercenary. Currently, the game – at least at low levels – seems to have a decent balance of being playable with free equipment while tempting you with bigger and better items. I really appreciate the ability to purchase unlimited Energy, too, removing one of the big Facebookizations of the game. Just made up that word. I’m really hoping they continue adding more ways to remove the social features. I would happily give them $50 for infinite Energy, a moderate increase in gold or reduction in gold prices, a few random consumable items each day, and a promise that I’ll get minor new content for free, and major new expansions for a moderate one-time cost.

Just sell me a D&D Gold Box game for 4E. I want to pay you for it. You’ve almost made it. Go all the way.

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