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Terraria, Minecraft, and order out of chaos

I got caught up in playing a few hours of Terraria tonight, and I think I finally understand the great appeal of Minecraft. It’s not so much about the pyramids, the recreations of spaceships, the working computers…it’s about coming to something which is random and disordered, and making something meaningful out of it.

The situation that brought this to mind was just walking off a ledge. When I turned around, I found that the ledge was slightly too high to jump to. So I build a wooden platform, attached it to the wall, then jumped up. I realized then that anyone who hypothetically came there after me would benefit from my work, be able to get up the cliff easily, and would see the randomness of nature changed into something suitable for human use. That’s kinda cool.

So now I have a tower and a mine and I’m figuring out what to do next. Ping me if you want, and let’s start building together.

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