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A great night of Rock Band

I had some friends over and played Rock Band for hours and hours. I’m tired and sore now, but it was great.

I know that some other friends of mine are tired of Rock Band now, but for me, it’s a game that keeps on giving. Really, it’s less of a game, and more of a conversation with my friends. As we’re scrolling through the song list and shouting out the stuff we want to play, we’re expressing our music interests, cheering the choruses we know and laughing at the guilty pleasures that each of us have. As we play, we’re experiencing the music in a deep way; not just listening to it, but creating it, and watching the part we play.¬†Learning the vocals for an overplayed 90’s song, or understanding how a certain drum beat was created.

At the end of the night, we’ve created an experience together, and it’s amazing.

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