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Code Hero is a new project that turned up on BoingBoing today, and it’s kind of incredible. It’s a Unity game designed to teach you how to make Unity games. You play by copying Javascript code, editing it as necessary, and executing it on objects around you. It’s really very clever!

In the first area, I saw a goal above me. I looked at some of the code I had, and realized that I could just teleport myself to the goal’s location, bypassing the way I was ‘supposed’ to do it. At first, I thought “Gee, I can just avoid parts of the level if I’m clever.” And then, I thought “That’s the whole point!”

I guess the first part of coding is experimentation, play, and wanting to break the rules. Realizing that you can follow the games that others have made for you, or you can start changing them and making your own games.

Well, let’s hope I stick with this one!

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