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A Game Writer?

At work recently, we had a revision of the Edgeworld storyline, with the hopes of bringing more story into the game in the future. It got me thinking about writing, and exploring the possibilities of a career writing for games.

In almost everything I’ve done so far, I’ve succeeded thanks to the written word. At SuperSecret, I took over writing duties in WorldBuilder, and built out quest stories and NPCs. At Kabam, I was never too thrilled by customer service, but I succeeded by writing comprehensive and well-thought-out responses. As a Community Manager, I’m constantly wordsmithing, finding new ways to give bad news and good.

So, I’m going to start a redesign of this site to focus more on my writing, and read some books on writing for games. Next should be a mod or mission pack for an existing game; something where I can focus on writing. This could be really good!

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