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GDC 2012

GDC has an interesting feel for me this year.

It’s the first time I’m attending as a legitimate member of the games industry. Last year I was working for Kabam, but Kabam was still a foundling company with one game to its name, and I was new into the position of Community Manager, still with one foot in customer service. This year I’ve got a real position, I’m part of a hierarchy, I’ve got two years of CM experience. I actually have a niche where I can talk the language.

It’s the first time I’m attending and fairly satisfied with my career. Two years ago I was unemployed, and last year I was dissatisfied and looking for other options. This year I don’t feel the pressure to network, and if a party is too loud and just not my style, I can leave.

It’s the first time I’m attending casually. Previously, I took time off from work, or made special plans to attend. This year I’m working down the street, walking to the conference, and back, and not really making a big deal out of it.

It does look like I’ll be able to spend all of Friday at the conference, so I should be able to get one big dose of inspiration from GDC. That’s always important.

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