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Mass Effect

March 11, 2012 2 comments

It’s not going to happen, but think there’s room for a remake/update of Mass Effect 1. Give it the Mass Effect 2/3 combat system, maybe some hybrid between planet scanning and the Mako…

Mostly I just want to be able to take a character across all three games. I know I’ve chosen my camp with the PS3, but still, it almost feels…culturally important to have that¬†continuity¬†of character. Like if Lucasfilm said “Star Wars IV, V, and VI are coming to DVD and HD-DVD, and Star Wars V and VI are coming to Blu-Ray!” (Wait, Lucasfilm might actually do that.)

Alternatively, Bioware could give us an updated tool to create a character for the start of Mass Effect 2, including more decisions from ME1. Since the story is concluded now, they don’t need to hide which decisions are important or not anymore. Either that, or allow players to transfer a save file from ME1 on PC to ME2 on PS3; you sell more copies of Mass Effect, and that’s a win.

It’s all very unlikely to happen. And that’s sad.

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